2018 Plans

Last year, instead of New Year resolutions I made a list of travel plans that I wanted to do throughout the year, trying not to be too unrealistic in terms of budget etc. 
I actually did all of my plans, apart from one, which was a week away in the sun, which I am going to try and do this year!

So this year I thought I would again share my plans, not specific to travel this time, again not being too unrealistic. 

So here are my 2018 Plans...

Explore even more of Scotland and Wales with my two oldest and bestest friends

Go to a European city I have never been to before, like Prague

Start a creative endevour I have been meaning to do for a while - (sorry for the secrecy)

Complete my degree, be proud of my degree show and find a job. (This scares me massively, but I'm trying not to overthink it and think about it in a strategic way)

Move into a new house with two of my best friends

Take more time to read, perfect my baking and create more blog content


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