Exploring the South Coast of England


Back in July I went exploring a few places on the South Coast of England for a few days.
Here is a quick run down of the places that we visited, hope you enjoy and as always if anyone has an recommendations for another trip do let me know in the comments lovely people!


Although Lacock is not on the South coast I just wanted to include it as this was the first place we explored before heading to the South Coast. I have done a little post of it before, but this time we explored Lacock Abbey as well as the gorgeous little National Trust village. The Abbey is gorgeous and of course, as all of you Harry Potter nerds will notice, the famous Mirror of Erised scene was filmed here, as well as many others.


This place is absolutely gorgeous, and again was en route to us exploring the South Coast. You can smell the lavender from the road as you are driving near to, it's incredible!


The main reason we visited Margate was to go to Dreamland, a theme park they have every year over summer! It is an incredible place, very aesthetically pleasing too - I would recommend a trip there. We tried roller skating there too, safe to say I was absolutely awful at it.
Margate itself is very quirky and not at all what I was expecting. There are lots of cool quirky little shops and the beach was nice to walk along as the sun was setting after a day of rollercoaster riding!


We then spent a bit of time walking along the white cliffs of Dover. It was a gorgeous day, perfect for a walk and lovely to see the white cliffs!


Dungeness is one of the strangest but coolest places I have ever been. It felt like it should be in the middle of America, not England!
Along a long road on one side are these hut like houses and the other a shingle pebble beach with derelict boats.
Definitely worth a visit!


The seven sisters was also another famous part of the white cliffs that we visited on our little trip. Theres a lovely little cafe there too, and again lovely for a walk!


Brighton was another main place that we visited down on the South Coast. I have never been before but I really loved it. We visited the Pavilion, which is absolutely incredible, I have never seen anything like it in the UK! Whilst there we also walked along the Pier, explored The Lanes and sat and had our breakfast on the beach.


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