My trip to Tuscany, Italy


Back in July I visited Tuscany in Italy with my family. It was such a beautiful week and so lovely to spend time with my family.
Like most of my travel posts I thought I would give you a quick run down on the places we visited and where we stayed - hope you enjoy, we would love to go back there someday so any suggestions for where to go next time would be amazing!


We stayed at a hotel called Hotel Francia e Quirinale in Montecatini Terme, a gorgeous natural spa town. 
Within walking distance from the hotel are plenty of shops and restaurants. The town itself a gorgeous to walk around and has lots of gelato places! One great place about the situation of where we stayed is the train station, which is about a 6 minute walk away. This was perfect for getting around Tuscany, as you will see we saw loads - which just wouldn't have been possible by car or taxi!


 - Pisa -
The picture below shows the very first thing we did when we got the train from Montecatini Terme to Pisa, eat pizza and drink Aperol Spritz - it was beautiful.
Whilst in Pisa we visited all of the main monuments, the Leaning Tower, the cathedral, Camposanto Monumentale, and the Baptistery. You can buy a ticket that gains you access to all of the monuments, which is well worth it to really experience the culture of Pisa!

- Florence - 
Florence was the most jam packed of our days in Tuscany. 
We visited the Galleria dell'Accademia to see the famous David. It was really surreal to see it actually, I never expected it to be that huge and impressive! 
After this we went for lunch in the Piazzo Santo Spirito - it is a lovely square with lots of nice places to eat!
The atmosphere and architecture in Florence is incredible - we saw the Cathedral, the bell tower (which we climbed 414 steps to the very top) and the baptistery, it was all so beautiful!

- San Gimignano -
We visited the beautiful San Gimignano, a small, but gorgeous village. Not to be overlooked if you are at all in the area, it is amazing! You must sample the gelato at Gelateria Dondoli its incredible. In the little town there's lots of beautiful shops, perfect for souvenirs and the cobbled streets are also the  sweetest!

- Monteriggioni - 
Monteriggiono is an small medieval village set in the Tuscany countryside. It was used as inspiration for the locations in Assassins Creed for you game nerd out there! I really beautiful place and differently worth a little stop off!

- Siena - 
Siena was wonderful, to me it reminded me very much of Florence but was a lot less busy. We visited Duomo di Santa Maria Assunta and  Piazzo del Campo, a medical square where the famous horse race Palio di Siena is held. It was a beautiful city to just have a casual walk around and grab a bite to eat!

- Luca - 
Lucca is one of the closest towns to Montecatini Terme via train, so we decided to go here towards the end of the holiday to start winding down a little. It was a beautiful town, there we visited Palazzo Pfanner, the palace belonging to Pfanner, and enjoyed the squares and cathedrals near by!

- Montecatini Alto -
On the last day we visited Montecatini Alto, which is a beautiful old fashioned funicular ride away, up from where we stayed in Montecatini Terme. It was a beautiful little village, very small but worth the little trip!


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