September struggles


So I don't know if anyone else gets like this but I really hate September, I even start to dread it at the end of August and actually hate it more than January. 
It's really strange, I mean I get it when you're still at school and you start back for another year of hell, but I'm studying at university now and really loving it. I've realised now that it is to do with the way I think and a lot of anxieties I have about this particular time of year.

So here are the reasons why I hate September...

1. It is a generally a time of slight change and unrest, people starting back at their jobs, school, new timetables. Even if it is something that you enjoy doing, getting back into a new routine can be more stressful that you realise.

2. I had the worst September I can remember three years ago and this has left some kind of anxiety in my head I can't get rid of, the smells, the atmosphere of the time of year is always the same and for some reason it brings me right back in my head to that time and I find it really hard to shake off.

3. I am still in Summer mode. This maybe because I am still a student, but I find it really hard to shake off my summer head and go into a slump. My creativity decreases and I feel very uninspired. I think the slight change in weather also impacts on my mood, which is strange because I am much more of a winter baby generally, I think again it is the transitional periods that I struggle with. 

Does anyone else feel like this around this time of year, or is it just me?

This year I am actually spending most of September in Pembrokeshire, Wales so it is making those strange anxieties lessen slightly.

Things that I do to help myself at this time a year are...

1. Plan. So I have started to make lists and plans for things that I want to do and it makes it easier  to clearly see what I need to do to reach my creative goals.

2. Take some chill time, having a bath with my favourite Lush products and some candles seriously does wonders!

3. Binge watch the best escapist movies and TV series, as always my go to is Friends.

4. Read more. Sometimes I really struggle with reading and finding the motivation to do so, but even if it is just a magazine article, it can really help with any creative slump periods.

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