I've just got back from a lil Welsh road trip with my two best friends and am currently washing what feels like my entire wardrobe for the second time in 2 weeks. It is slowly dawning on me that I not only pack too many clothes when going away, but own way too many clothes and probably need to do a massive clear out (I will get round to it one day).

This outfit was shot at Calke Abbey about two months ago now. I really love this rainbow playsuit I got from ASOS last year, it's like wearing an actual deckchair, I bloody love it, and plus I am a sucker for all things rainbow! I've been doing quite a bit of outfit shooting lately, so mixed in with all my travel posts shall be some of my current summer (ish) outfits! I am sort of all over the place this summer so apologies if things are a little quite on the blogging front, as always though I do regualry update my Instagram @laughwithmelele

See you guys soon. x

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