Sometimes we all need to escape, and sometimes it is good to do so.
Having quite an escapist personality, I have done a lot of it in my 21 years and have learnt to recognise healthy ways for me to do so, without it negatively affecting my mental health.

Here are my top five things I do to escape:

1. Watch hours of Friends. Sometimes it is okay to just switch off for hours on end and lose yourself in a programme, movie or book. For me the best thing for me to lose myself in is Friends.

2. Go to Pembrokeshire. It's the one place that I truly feel away from everything. When I'm there it makes me feel like the real world doesn't exist, which is really good to do once and a while.

3. Go out with my Pentax K1000 with copious amount of film. One of the most free feelings in life is when I am walking about on my own with the film camera taking photos. I have to be alone though, it's not the same when I am with someone.

4. Plan - sometimes planning what hasn't happened yet instead of dwelling on the past and fretting about the present really helps me to escape. I like to plan what job I would like when leaving uni or where I would like to live in a few years time.

5. Leave the house - quite often if you are working from home or are doing things you know will require no human contact all day it is easy to become very reclusive. I find this to be quite a dangerous thing for me so, when I can I try to make myself leave the house.

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