This week was my first day back at uni after the Christmas break so I've just been getting back into a proper routine from quite a lethargic few weeks. 
I don't know if it is the time of year or the complete change of day to day routine but I'm just not feeling myself at the moment! I'm really trying hard to stay focused and upbeat but also to make myself busy. I quite often find that it is the moments that I stop being busy that I can start to dwell on things that wouldn't normally bother me! 
Something as simple as list making always makes me feel like I'm being productive and staying on top of things, so hopefully before long I will be back to my usual self again!

I shot this outfit post a about two weeks back in Dunham Massey National Park. It is an absolutely gorgeous place with an incredible amount of deer, the most I have ever seen actually. I live in Nottingham so quite often visit Wollaton Park and see deer there, but Dunham Massey is something else!

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