2017 travel plans


1. Explore more of Scotland, preferably the Cairngorms.

2. Do even more coastal walks in Pembrokeshire.

3. Go on another Welsh road trip with my gals. 

4. Have at least one relaxing week somewhere hot and sunny, I haven't been abroad in ages!

5. If I am really lucky, I would love to go to Italy again.

I have tried to not be too outrageous with my 2017 travel plans. 
Travelling and discovering new places is something that I try to do a lot as having something to look forward to or finding exciting new places is something that really helps my mental health, even if it is something as simple as finding a new woodland that I never knew about!
 I start my year off by travelling to Berlin in February, which I am super excited about, and I cannot wait to go away with my uni crew for the first time! 

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