Monday Morning Thoughts


I thought I would kick the week off by sharing a piece of wisdom from my all time favourite book Reasons To Stay Alive by the brilliant Matt Haig. 

Slight interlude, for those of you who have never heard or read this book before - please do.
It is an incredible book and a must read for anyone and everyone. Throughout the book he discusses his own battles with depression and anxiety, and in a very real and honest way puts into words what it is like to go through these experiences. Through this journey he also gives the reader invaluable explanations, pieces of advice and (as the title suggests) reasons to stay alive.

All humans must read this book. (To use a bit of Haig terminology there)

Now, onto the topic of my Monday morning thoughts from Matt Haig.
One of my favourite parts from Reasons To Stay Alive is when he makes two lists, one of things that make him better and one of things that make him feel worse.
I actually did this not too long ago and felt that it was incredibly useful. 
Obviously these lists are non-exhaustive, but just laying out on a page so I can clearly see what makes me happy and what makes me sad can be really helpful in trying to avoid things and situations and do more of the happy list.

My task to you today is to do the same, make two lists, one of things that make you feel better and one of things that make you feel worse.


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