How to keep upbeat going into the New Year


The festive period and going into the New Year can, for some people, be one of the hardest times of year. Although I myself love the festive period and this idea that a new year comes with a blank slate I do struggle at times with this time of year. 
I like many people get quite down by the short days and can get far too into the lethargic days of the festive season and, even though I love my uni course, dread going back to normal life and it's expectations in January.
This time of year there are also many expectations with seeing members of your family that you wouldn't normally see. In some ways it can feel like you are being forced to spend time with these people and feel like the situation is inescapable. I have struggled with this in the past and although I don't feel as anxious about being around people I don't particularly want to be around during the festive season I do still get anxious and feel as though it is a situation I cannot escape.

So I thought I would share a few of my personal tips for trying to stay as upbeat as possible at this time of year. 

1. Don't force yourself to spend time with people if it is going to have a huge negative effect on you. Despite what your family might tell you, you don't have to. It is always your decision. 

2. A lot of my extended family make me feel on edge, either through their sarcastic remarks or just the usual 'so do you have a boyfriend yet' questions. In the years gone by I would get super anxious about these occasions, however now I just tell myself - I don't have to ever explain myself and give into sarcastic remarks made by people that do not even really know me. I am who I am and fuck everybody else.

3. Take some alone time. Read a book, take a long bath, watch a film or series by yourself. Recharging alone is very important at this time of year.

4. If you are feeling brave, grab the bull by the horns. Go to that family occasion - prove to yourself that it is never as bad as your head makes out. Sometimes we need to prove ourselves wrong, humans have this knack of telling themselves that you can't do something because one time it all went wrong and we never tried again. Don't give into self-doubt - you are stronger than you think you are. 

5. Finally, don't fall out of a routine - obviously this is the time of year to unwind and relax, but getting into the habit of sleeping in late and not doing much at all can be negative for the brain. I am guilty of this and I know I always feel better day to day and going into the New Year if I try and stick to some kind of routine and keeping the brain active!

Happy Christmas and hope you all have a fantastic 2017!

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