Happy Christmas


I hope you all had a lovely Christmas Day yesterday. 

My day is always the same:
We wake up super early (normally because my mum is working early as she is a nurse) and open presents.
Eat breakfast - me and my brother always have a bit of New York cheesecake (don't ask why).
My dad starts cooking Christmas dinner around 11.00 (he does the best food).
Me and my brother normally play games or chill watching movies.
Then my nan and grandad (who are like my second parents) come round and we eat and play quiz games, this year it was Blockbusters!

For some it my be a pretty simple day, but we all love it this way. I like the fact it is always just us and the plan stays the same. 
We always have such a laugh at the end of the night with the quiz games too! 

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