10 things in Nottingham


I've lived in Nottingham for the past three years now after moving from my home town for university.  I really love the city and have so many favourite things I like to do that I thought I would find it not only useful for people visiting Nottingham, but also myself to look back on one day. 


1. Go to Rock City on a Thursday night and order a Marios take-away afterwards.

2. Visit Wollaton Hall and Park - it is beautiful all year round and well worth a visit when you need a bit of headspace.

3. Go for the worlds best Chinese food at Mr. Mann's in Wollaton

4. Play Jenga on the comfy sofa's at the back of the room in the Organ Grinder, Alfreton Rd.

5. Go to two of the coolest bars in Nottingham, Hockley Arts Club and The Curious Townhouse. They have the coolest drinks and their decor is Instagram worthy.

6. If you are not a analogue camera lover follow the following instructions:

No.1 Go to a charity shop and pick up the cheapest (working) 35mm film camera you can find.
No.2 Go to your nearest Poundland and pick up some of their Agfa film for a quid
No. 3 Shoot a roll of film 
No. 4 Take it into The Photo Parlour for Dan to develop and it is at this point that you may have found the beauty in film and The Photo Parlour - you're welcome and enjoy :)

7. Go for a Breakfast wrap at the Hungry Pumpkin cafe

8. Watch an Indie film at The Broadway cinema in Hockley - this is my favourite cinema in the world.

9.  Chat to the lovely Andy in Past and Present vintage shop on Forest Road East and browse for absolute vintage bargains. 

10. Go for a picnic in the summer in Arboretum, Waverley Street 

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