Day trip to Buxton

A few weeks back now I went on a day trip to Buxton, a town in Derbyshire. It is a beautiful place, with an incredible bookshop just outside the main town centre of Buxton. Brierlow's bookshop is one of the largest independent bookshops in the UK, and has an incredible selection of books. Being the photography geek that I am I picked up some awesome books, the prices are really good too! 

Things to do in Buxton:

1. Sit in the pavilion gardens and eat lunch

2. Admire the amazing architecture of the Opera house

3. Look around the cute charity shops in the town centre

4. Look inside the Pavilion greenhouse

5. Visit Brierlow's bookshop

There are plenty more things to do in Buxton other than what I have mentioned here. I would like to go back again to explore a little more of what this little spa town has to offer as I know there are some gorgeous walks nearby as it is situated right near the Peak District!

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